18 June 2015

SW:TOR // Knights of the Fallen Empire

Looks like the hot topic right now is the announcement of the next expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic, called Knights of the Fallen Empire. As usual, Dulfy has the complete coverage. I’d also suggest taking a look at what both Shintar and Rohan have to say on the issue. Shintar’s blogroll will also lead to plenty of other related posts.

The expansion is marketed as a return to cinematic storytelling and apparently only subscribers have access to the new content. I agree with Shintar in that “I haven't been this excited about an MMO expansion in a long time” as well and I’m even tempted to re-subscribe. I will, however, make that decision only when I know a lot more about the expansion because I’m still sceptical. Also, none of the subscriber rewards interest me. We’ll see how things pan out.

As to the actual trailer, I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. I think it’s very well done and has surpassed the Hope” trailer as my favourite. Unlike many others I did not miss the final death blow because my eyes were glued to the screen. AWESOME! The topic of father issues has a long tradition in literature (and by extension in all other forms media) and the trailer once more reaffirms my vow to be a good father to my children.

All in all I can say that I’m now hopefully optimistic about the future of SW:TOR even though I’m not quite sure if a unique single-player experience warrants a subscription.

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