I’m Maldwiz. I’m male, in my mid-thirties, and my wife and I have two children. I have a PhD in psychology and I work at a European university. I enjoy classical music, physical and mental fitness, and all kinds of games and video games, especially MMOs.


There was a time when “MMOs were a lifestyle choice, a hobby. MMORPGS had more in common then with a game like golf” (Scott Hartsman). For me this quote expresses the very core idea behind MMOs: they are more than just a game! I consider them to be an extensive hobby that requires a long-term commitment which is why I would only commit to one at a time; and for the longest time my favourite MMO was World of Warcraft. Modern developments in gaming, however, lead to a different experience – at least from my point of view – where I no longer see myself among the target audience and rather feel like a dinosaur. Currently, I’m a preferred player in Star Wars: The Old Republic and just recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


For this new iteration of my blog I’ve decided to rearrange my blogroll to better reflect my opinions of different bloggers. This may seem controversial and possibly even insulting.

THE VERY BEST are my two favourite bloggers, Shintar and Bhagpuss. I may have mentioned it before, but Shintar is without a doubt my absolute favourite person on the internet. She has a wonderfully positive attitude and always remains constructive and optimistic. I have a very hard time thinking of instances where I disagree with her views – maybe apart from very minor details. I believe that she is a genuinely kind person in real life and very pleasant be around.

Bhagpuss is a very articulate and eloquent British bloke who has reached new levels of coolness after I read his Liebster entry (Rock on!). I mostly just skim over his blog, though, because his focus is primarily on Guild Wars 2 and some variation of EverQuest, and I am not interested in either of those. What I like best about him are the comments that he leaves on other blogs. They are always well written and sharp witted, and I share his peculiar views most of the time.

Another thing that both Shintar and Bhagpuss have in common – apart from their excellent comments – is their frequent use of screenshots. I generally dislike any blog with so many pictures because I often find myself reading blogs at work or on a mobile device and therefore prefer a more neutral, text-only style. However, this minor detail does not tarnish my appreciation of them in any way.

THE REST are bloggers that I like to read for a variety of reasons and who I can appreciate and relate to in different ways. Among the ones that I like very much are e.g. Kadomi, Rohan, Syl and Telwyn. Conversely, the list also includes such notoriety as the evil SynCaineThe Saddest Moron” Gevlon, the Greedy Goblin himself, and of course the world famous Master Delusionist” Tobold. (Oh the Humanities!)


If you would like to contact me, please feel free to comment or to send an e-mail to:

Maldwiz (at) gmail (dot) com

I always appreciate constructive feedback. I do, however, reserve the right to moderate comments as I see fit.

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