24 May 2013


It has been over a year since my last post. Mainly two events in my real life have kept me very busy. First, I was leading a research group funded by a government grant and while this was a very pleasant and rewarding experience, it simply meant a lot of work. Now that we are close to finishing our assignment, things have finally begun to slow down a bit leaving me time for recreational activities.

In even better news, my wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I cannot even begin to describe how happy that has made me! If only the little angel would sleep through the night just once. Also, my wife finished her doctoral thesis a few months before giving birth and is now taking a break from working as a corporate consultant focusing fully on caring for our daughter. If things go as planned, my wife will resume working shortly after our daughter’s first birthday whereupon I will become a full-time parent for at least six months.

As I said, these events demanded a large amount of my time and energy which left me precious little time for gaming. I was playing SW:TOR maybe once or twice a week for about one or two hours, primarily participating in Warzones. That came as bit of a surprise to me considering that I rather dislike PvP, but Warzones turned out to be a very viable alternative to traditional leveling, especially for my Scoundrel healer.

Regarding gaming in general, however, this post has been somewhat of a wake-up call. My situation is very similar to the one of the author and I must say that I find myself thinking along the very same lines. The outside circumstances have changed and I longer feel valued or appreciated as an MMO player. There is simply no game in sight that offers exactly what I am looking for. My brother-in-law has gone back to WoW, but for me that ship has sailed a long time ago.

On a final note, the alteration of the blog title was necessary in order to avoid any association with one of the more controversial writings of the recent past. I think the confusion will be minimal as hardly anyone has ever visited my blog and others have re-launched their blogs several times. If I remember correctly, Zellviren had five different versions of his blog within a very short time.

The next couple of posts will likely deal with my wife’s take on SW:TOR which may come off rather harsh, along with some of my own problems I currently have with the game.

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