25 April 2012

[Tag, You're It!]

Quite some time ago (*cough* about two months *cough*) Shintar tagged me to provide some screenshots. Unfortunately, I could not honour her request right away because (a) it interfered with my scheduled blogging plans and more importantly because (b) I do not take that many screenshots to begin with. I took a quick look at my World of Warcraft screenshot folder and did not find any good ones at all. Also, since the main focus of this blog should actually be on Star Wars: The Old Republic I wanted some screenshots from this game.

Better late than never they say, so here are – without further ado – four screenshots:

This is my level 50 – tanking – Vanguard, my main character, the commander of Havoc Squad, unwaveringly loyal to the Republic.


This is my level 40 – lightning – Sith Sorcerer, the second character I created. She is truly evil at heart and enjoys nothing more than causing destruction and mayhem. I took her to level 40, but then became really hooked on the Trooper’s story line and followed that though to the end.


This is my level 30 – healing – Operative, a character that I play exclusively with my brother-in-law. He is loyal to the Empire and favours the Light Side. This does cause some problems with his companion Kaliyo Djannis.


Finally, this screenshot shows a rather disturbing development. It seems like the "GOGOGO!" kiddies have already infiltrated a galaxy far, far away. I am a firm believer in the old Undead motto: Patience. Discipline.


  1. Hurrah for troopers!

    As for that chat screenshot, I think there have always been people who want fast runs; I'm glad that they specify at least, so I can avoid their runs in this game.

    (I did participate in a "quick" Taral V HM one night since it was mostly with guildies, and to be honest I was actually kind of impressed by the speed and well-planned movement to avoid unnecessary fighting. It's just not how I would want to play most of the time.)

    1. "unnecessary fighting" ...

      That might the problem right there. There are no "unnecessary" fights inside an instance for me. All enemies should be taken out - they are there for a reason after all. At the very least they provide loot (credits, items, *epics*) at the level cap and XP at any level below.

      I always felt that it would be a great idea if all enemies that were skipped would suddenly be called to arms by their respective boss to join the fight and eviscerate the players who sneakily tried to bypass them. A long time ago, there was a boss in World of Warcraft (Tendris Warpwood inside Dire Maul) who did something like that.

      I try to understand why people who view (almost) any in-game activity as a means to an end want their runs to be over real fast. But then again I don't understand why they would bother playing at all if they don't enjoy playing in the first place. If the activity itself isn't fun, then it shouldn't be worth doing.